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Divorce and Collaborative Practice

Divorce isn’t easy, but it may strive to be financially fair. Most couples really do want to reach settlement. The challenge often lies within what may look financially fair today may not be affordable just a few years from now. Divorcing couples are asking for financial experience. Utilizing a Financial Specialist may save you time and money by assisting you and your attorneys with the financial challenges.

A Financial Specialist helps you to create and reach a durable and long lasting agreement.

You, as the client, select a Financial Specialist to help you:

  • Identify financial hopes, concerns, goals and objectives
  • Gather and organize your financial data
  • Understand the financial implications of your settlement options; including effects of taxes and inflation
  • Provide the financial reality check you need to move forward
  • Increase your knowledge so that you are confident in making your own financial decisions

A Financial Specialist assists you by:

  • Facilitating safe, honest and informed financial conversations
  • Providing an un-biased assessment of your finances; a neutral role
  • Utilizing charts and graphs to help you understand the estimated financial results of settlement ideas
  • Working with the Collaborative Team to stay on track with financial topics and maintain open communication around finances
  • Presenting financial reports and cash flow charts to you and your attorneys to ensure complete understanding
  • Helping you to utilize the financial data to promote conversation and settlement

Engaging a Financial Specialist early on in the process has helped divorcing couples take a more proactive role in their own finances. Information is shared in a neutral, safe setting and provides the kind of knowledge needed to feel comfortable with making financial decisions.

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